Christian Hearts for Haiti


Who we are:

Christian Hearts for Haiti is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on distributing school supplies directly to students in the Public School and the Baptist school in Saint Louis Du Sud, Haiti. We work with the Baptist preacher and the Public School principal to accomplish that goal.




​​​Ms. Anita Charles is a native of Saint Louis Du Sud, Haiti.  A nation sharing the island  of Hispaniola in the West Indies.
She migrated with her parents, to the United States in 1973. Continuing her education, she holds an associate degree in Business Administration from Central Piedmont Community College She holds bachelor's degree in Foreign Language (French) from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Retired from major financial institution.  Anita volunteered to teach English as a Second Language for the Edge Institute, an organization that is reaching the world through teaching.

In the wake of the massive January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Anita decided to reach out to the Haitian people. In November 2011, she started Christian Hearts for Haiti to distribute school supplies to the children of Haiti. She has traveled to Haiti where she gives speeches to churches, schools and other organizations.

Ms. Charles has two grown children, Daniel and Michelle Cordon.

Marie Phirta Cesar

Inventory Quality Control

Keeping track of the in-coming

Supplies and shipping to Haiti.


our leadership team

THE Founder


We are living in a strange time.  A year ago, I would not have fathom the need to wear a mask for our safety or to restrict our interactions.  However, the ministry of Christian Hearts for Haiti is being productive here in the United States and in Haiti.  I am shipping cargo to Haiti in preparation for my next visit.  Fritznel, security officer, guards the Library and frequently checks the inventory.

In my last communication with the natives, I was informed that school activities will be phased in during the months of August and October. Library operations will resume with some restrictions.

I have decided that my travel to Haiti is contingent upon the availability of reliable treatment, including a safe vaccine.

Please continue to pray for this ministry!

Be Safe!!


Bermanne Sama

Haiti Ground Specialist

Takes care of the logistics in

Haiti for the in-coming Team.



"Whoever welcomes one of

these little children in my

name welcomes me ".

 Mark 9:37

Anita Charles

Team Leader/USA Logistics

Coordinate Mission Trip to Haiti.


A School Supplies Mission to Children