Why Haiti?

Education in Haiti is the most precious commodity a child can have.  Unfortunately, so many cannot afford to attend school. Education has been a problem for as long as I can remember. I remember some families had to make the difficult choice of selecting the most promissing child to send to school while the other siblings stayed home and worked. 

Children in Haitian schools expect to finish their primary grades in six years. Sixty-percent drop out of school before the end of six grade. Overcrowded public schools, entrance fees and inadequate school supplies keep 67 percent of the school aged children from getting through at least third grade. And those who manage to pass a certified literacy program cannot move on to secondary school because it is a luxury most families cannot afford.

Your gift will provide a book bag that includes pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, toiletries, socks and hope for an education. Will you please help? 

Be a Mentor

Find your inner power by helping others

1.  Giving hope to the Haiti people.


2.  Promoting change by giving school supplies to

     the children of Haiti.


3.  Making a difference so the children of Haiti will

     have a step up in life.

Making a difference

Promoting Change

Urgent Projects

 Our core principle is centered on:

Pray for this ministry.


Donate school supplies.


Go to a mission trip.


Give your financial support.






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Christian Hearts for Haiti is a 501(c)3 non-profit


Next Mission Trip: All trips to Haiti have been canceled until further notice due  to


Thank you for your interest

Program Descriptions: 

Distribute school supplies, food and set up a library in the public school in Saint Louis Du Sud, Haiti.  Build relationships with the schools to provide English as a Second Language camp in the future.


Promoting ChangeMM

Would you like to make a different in a child's life?

Did you know some companies will accept your time spent  in Haiti as volunteer hours?  If you are interested on going on a mission trip please, contact us for an application. It will be a life changing experience.

  • Distributing School Supplies
  • Teaching English as Second Language
  • Bible Camp
  • Teachers Workshops Training

Giving Hope

A School Supplies Mission to Children

   Christian Hearts for Haiti


Be aTeam Leader


Hope in Action

Become a Mission Volunteer

  • Adopting A Classroom
  • Annual Fund Raising Dinner
  • ​Sport Camp

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